JavaScript SpreadSheet Editor

SpreadSheet is an excel-like application. It's written in pure dhtml/javascript and works without installation of any plugins, java code etc.

It's a great frontend to edit data that you want to display on a web page. For structured output of data in CVS format see the HTML table classes.


Screenshot of spread sheet editor


  • Paste content directly from the clipboard. For example copy a region in excel, and paste it here using the button or ctrl-v. (Mozilla-workaround: use the paste button.)
  • An Excel or CVS import could be done with an attached button that opens a file upload window. On the server you could use Bs_FileConverterExcel.class.php to convert to CSV.
  • Export to cvs (excel can be done using the biff-writer or another class that writes excel files).
  • Bold/italic/underline (with buttons, and in ie also by hitting ctrl-b, ctrl-i, ctrl-u)
  • Row-based ordering (ascending and descending).
  • Inserting columns and rows.
  • Deleting columns and rows.
  • Resizing columns and rows ala excel (not in mozilla).
  • Multiline editing by hitting shift-enter (not in mozilla)
  • The current cell name (for example C5) and cell value are displayed in the header line.
  • Good key support:
    • F2 = start edit cell (like double click)
    • ESC = end cell edit and restore to previous value
    • Cursors up, down, left, right and tab/enter to move around cells
    • In mozilla only the doubleclick works so far.
  • Can be directly used as form field. See the Bs_Form package.


  • Internet Explorer 6 or above is needed.
  • It could be updated to work with ie5.5.
  • Tested in Mozilla 1.4. Only a few extra-features don't work here yet. See the features list above.



This component ships with the full "BlueShoes Framework" package, the "BlueShoes JavaScript" package and the "BlueShoes JavaScript SpreadSheet" package. See the download page.




Available with Check the license overview page for details.

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