Applications Debedoo

"Debedoo" stands for "DB do" or "Database do" => do something with the database. It is a package (set of classes) that automatically scans the database table structure and makes the content of the tables editable.
Additional hints can be given by the coder about field information.


  • User can view, add, edit and delete records.
  • Auto-detects relations to other tables (foreign keys) based on naming conventions.
  • Relations that don't use the naming conventions can be specified using params.
  • Auto-detects "important" fields that are shown in the overview table. Customizing is possible using params.
  • Supported languages are english and german, others can be easily added using language files.
  • Table is fulltext-searchable, and that includes records in other tables linked using foreign keys.
  • The table design can be changed with just a few lines of style-code.
  • By default 20 records are shown per page in the overview. If there are more, one can 'page' through the pages like in a web search.

Check out the example.